The weather turned cold back glue Velcro will be affected

by:BAILI     2020-10-28
As we all know, the back glue Velcro is very widely used in our everyday life, home, wires, computers, books, and so on various aspects have the shadow of the Velcro, in addition to these we charge for the winter clothes on the wall of the cuffs, neckline, household paste of calligraphy and painting decorations, but as the weather turns cold now double tenth also shortly after, the weather began to slowly began to enter a state of winter, outside wearing a short-sleeved now already can't resist cold, now the weather we have put on the long sleeve or coat, wait until the real necessary when winter came to our winter cloth coat, down jacket, windbreaker, etc can be seen everywhere, in the cold winter, my daily necessities have glue Velcro back, in the process of using the friends often can encounter a problem, don't know if it because it's too cold back glue Velcro strike, cold back glue Velcro paste sex can along with the change? Back glue hook and loop let us analysis the problem reason: back glue Velcro in use if there are any non-stick, conventional generally there are two reasons lead to this situation. 1, the back glue hook and loop glue quality factors: back sticky strap back glue glue in general is the use of hot melt adhesive, there are a lot of kinds of hot melt adhesive, hot melt adhesive of different viscous effect is different. Usually small producers in the production of hot melt adhesive in order to control the cost of raw materials, will use some inferior raw material, can reduce viscosity of hot-melt adhesive or other features or disappear. So the quality of the hot melt adhesive is to measure the back glue adhesive is very important, of course, hot melt adhesive in addition to the viscosity characteristics, there will be high temperature resistant, good low temperature resistance, a variety of features such as waterproof, ( We use the hot melt adhesive is the domestic high quality glue, glue suppliers in viscosity and various features can have good effect, and the glue can meet the test requirements of environmental protection of domestic. ) 2, back glue joint surface factors: adhesive back strap in use process will direct contact with materials or objects, if you have any foreign matter or uneven surfaces in contact with oily substances, can reduce viscosity effect or disappear, if the joint surface contact is some kind of special material, such as: ptfe this kind of situation will lead to the back adhesive belt use the effect not beautiful. Analysis: according to the above two cases in our adhesive back strap in use for the first time the effect is very good, but now use found but not sticky, laminating materials and joint surface is the same, prove the back adhesive belt itself, the quality is no problem, the only change is the twice time, before the autumn it is winter, the temperature difference between the back glue adhesive cingulate molecular activity decreased, resulting in touch viscous effect is reduced, this is the hook and loop use non-stick third factor. Introduced more than small make up so much, now small make up to you to summarize, in the cold winter will not affect the use of the back glue Velcro performance, in fact there are many factors influencing the performances of glue Velcro back, not only because of the weather reason, also have a plenty of environment, use method, etc.
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