This article will tell you the back glue Velcro common problems

by:BAILI     2020-10-15
This article is to tell you: we produce products, how to better use the back glue Velcro this article is to tell you: the choice of which back glue Velcro is more suitable for your product this article is to tell you: what are the back glue hook and loop instead of place can use if we just keep blindly follow suit, so your form is: people have to make money you have just started, others saturated when you begin to make money, make money people earn the money to retire when you began to struggle for market saturation. We dare not brave out of the first step is because we do not know to use material performance, tell you that this article is the back glue Velcro related knowledge. We will be based on the characteristics of the back glue Velcro description: 1. Back glue hook and loop for users purchasing cost is very low. 2. Back glue Velcro main function is to hook can agglutinate MAO, and can be used repeatedly. 3. Back glue Velcro derivatives is very much, such as injection hook, the back adhesive belt, soft fine hook fastening belt, elastic fastening belt and fastening with cable tie. 4. Back glue Velcro hook adhesive after MAO though not completely sealed, but no obvious gap. In view of the above features, can induce the information of the fastening belt several principles: 1. Product parts often need to open the closed. 2. Need certain sealing, to prevent dust, insects, such as discrepancy. 3. Need to fixed. We with the above three principles as consideration, if satisfied, we can consider, if meet two basic purchasing fastening belt is appropriate, can be determined if meet at 3 o 'clock, it was basically no substitutes, can only use the back glue Velcro. So where can use sticky back glue Velcro replace it? Through the above three principles we can enumerate a lot, such as on the first principle have cuff ( Instead of metal buttons) , gloves, Instead of metal buttons) ; According to the second principle, mosquito nets, Instead of lashing) ; For the third principle: wire and cable tie ( Instead of the rope) And shoes ( Instead of carrying) 。
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