Through the riding back glue Velcro for the trip

by:BAILI     2020-11-02
Velcro this connection accessories is widely applied in our daily life, with the development of production technology, also in unceasing increase, the kinds of Velcro Velcro application domain is no longer limited to a few commonly used clothing, shoes and hats, bags and other daily goods processing, in some other areas, Velcro also play an irreplaceable role, then let's have a look at the magic Velcro exactly what purpose. Take a lot of people have a passion for riding now, for example, as a kind of healthy, natural way of sports tourism, in the process of riding travelers can fully enjoy the pleasure brought by the cycling. Cycling is actually very simple, a person, a bike, plus a backpack can set out, both simple and environmentally friendly. He lets you go through a bike through the tunnel of darkness, a bumpy country road, let the rider experience in continuously to difficulties and challenges, meet the challenge, to experience the distant land amorous feelings, experience and in different parts of the folk custom, at the end of the journey to experience the joy of success. Riding also could improve the memory, whether it's for a stronger or weaker memory, riding a bicycle has a better memory, this is because, exercise helps increase in norepinephrine levels, and the improvement of the chemical in the brain plays an important role in improving memory. Can enhance cardiovascular function and insist for a long time to ride a bike, especially aerobic exercise, improve the metabolism of human body and immunity, have the effect of fitness against cancer. So said so much, cycling and Velcro what does it matter? Careful people can certainly find the Velcro on riding tools, such as installed on the frame is used to screen frame package of tools is to use back glue Velcro to fixed on the frame, frame package also conveniently when riding the use of itself in the design and production was used to replace the commonly used as connection accessories, zipper easy rider at any time in the process of riding the frame tool in the package. And riding in the rear of the bag and the back of the backpack rider in the design of the time use glue hook and loop instead of the traditional zipper, with convenience for the rider in the cycling process. Even some kettle frame is replaced by the original metal ring with back glue Velcro strap made of, so the size of the bottle will no longer be fixed shape and constrained by the kettle frame, also won't sway because water bottle fixed rickety affect rider sense of balance. Your friend is not think back glue Velcro and magic.
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