To detect the quality of back glue Velcro teach you right, refused to inferior products

by:BAILI     2020-09-24
To detect the quality of back glue Velcro teach you right, refused to bad products with domestic customers for innovative consciousness, innovative technology seriously, Velcro started to go to our daily life. And use is very extensive. Now more and more people are in contact with hook and loop, use hook and loop. hook and loop is actually a kind of consumables, it is because the Velcro is the expansion of the production, Velcro manufacturer also increases. The Velcro quality of production is also the good and bad are intermingled, in order to avoid to buy the buy inferior Velcro, today we teach you a few small way, clear-eyed, do smart consumer. First of all, let's take a look at the back glue Velcro testing method. Back glue Velcro inspection can be repeatedly paste, cut a small piece of testing its viscosity, at the time of tear, viscous strong will is hard to get off, good adhesive will clearly can see have a thick layer of transparent plastic. First look at baseband back glue Velcro, then look at male and female both sides can not strong. Is a key component of eyes and the nylon brush, nylon brush normally nylon material would be better, but also have polyester, is only relative to the nylon material, will be a little bit weak. Look at Velcro hook face whole not neat, hair is thick, very neat, general of exceptionally good quality, if you feel by sensory detection not to come out, we also can do tensile test, through tensile tests check hook and loop bonding strength is very strong, the higher the number of adhesive quality is the best! The result is not very satisfactory have to through the instrument to test! But it is important to pay special attention to the color fastness to oh.
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