To distinguish the high frequency of Velcro material

by:BAILI     2020-11-05

high frequency Velcro how to distinguish between nylon material? High frequency refers to on the back of the Velcro products coated with a layer of special materials, suitable for high frequency voltage to the machine, with high temperature and voltage can be PVC plastic products such as glue, products with strong stickiness, to avoid, not easy to fall off, sewing, etc. To distinguish the high frequency of hook and loop material is nylon, the Velcro is common on the market of polyester, blended yarn and nylon three kinds of material, in fact the way to differentiate between the three kinds of material is simple but practical, is to use lighter to burn, and see what's in the smoke, such as polyester material, after burning at a black smoke; After burning nylon material, take a white smoke; For blend fabric is not very good, however, identified, with burning method discern words like polyester of smoke, so it need to use other method, for example: blending of surface you press hard to look at the hook will automatically play, if the auto play, can determine the blended material, if not, that is polyester material. Therefore, this approach is to distinguish the high frequency of Velcro material is very practical, at the same time, it also can be used in many kinds of products, to distinguish whether the nylon material for you, in order to avoid fraud.

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