To introduce an environmental, economic and practical magic stick

by:BAILI     2020-10-18
这就跟你问声好! Small make up today to introduce you to a economic and affordable Velcro oh, along with the development of the economy, the practicability of hook and loop, functional and applicability is improved constantly, the Velcro USES is very wide, from clothing to shoes, from daily necessities, outdoor equipment to electronic products and so on. Velcro still more big proportion in apparel industry, in addition to useful to on adult's clothes, baby clothing is also commonly used to. So what is the baby clothing using sticky strap? What good? First to learn about the advantages of injection hook hook and loop injection hook is composed of polymer and nylon material injection molding, surface soft and material is ultra-thin, with all kinds of fastening soft materials ( Especially the fastening cloth) The high-end products, is the hook and loop series, nylon, pp injection is two kinds of material, the baby is usually use nylon material. Nylon environmental protection, non-toxic, good adhesion, the applicability of the fastening belt are stronger, usually using the right materials and special technology to production, strict design and production of ultra-thin injection hook, hook number 2400, transverse tensile and peel strength better, hook type is exquisite, viscous force is good, not hurt the skin, not hand, not easy to fall off, neat, beautiful appearance and durable. Often sticky strap is suitable for baby clothing will has a thin, soft, close skin, environmental protection, breathe freely, not hand, do not contain fluorescent agent, etc. We all know that babies change more frequently, and they all like to play catch something, especially on clothes. So baby clothes use sticky strap compared with buttons, zippers, not only in dress more convenient, shortcut, but also not easy to fall, also will not cause the baby tender skin allergies. Even if the baby's curious like a garment will not how, because this kind of injection hook is more environmental protection, non-toxic, not stab hands. Thus, baby clothing products used on viscosity cingulate is reliable, and is more economic and material benefit to use. Besides baby clothes, so this special treated fastening belt can also be used for baby diapers, baby toys, because it besides close skin, environmental protection also has does not contain fluorescent agent, fastening features such as strong, can be made into any shape.
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The risk of custom hook and loop tape is reduced by custom hook and loop tape with the consumption of .
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