To teach you science use back glue Velcro, how much do you know?

by:BAILI     2020-09-09
To teach you science use back glue Velcro, how much do you know? Scientific use back glue Velcro, although in your work life frequent contact with the use of the back glue Velcro, but if to use science, believe that is a lot of people don't understand. Really want to extend the lifespan of the back glue Velcro, want to let you back glue Velcro is more convenient to use, it must use it to learn science. Below, we through the fastening belt co. , LTD. , the related staff to make for us is introduced: first of all, is the reasonable control of the number of your back glue Velcro adhesive, want to know the use of each item will have to use a specified number of, the use of the back glue Velcro is no exception. So this tells us back glue Velcro is not able to use down indefinitely, said general situation, the use of ordinary material back glue Velcro number can reach 10000 times, which means each use will reduce the service life of your back glue hook and loop. In addition, to minimize the back glue hook and loop used in the process of cleaning, because regular cleaning will make back glue Velcro stick the presence of stretch deformation of the surface, and is not easy to recover, so much so that in the future use, glue the effect will be bad.
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