To tell you the cheese packing also sealed with Velcro?

by:BAILI     2020-09-14
To tell you the cheese packing also sealed with hook and loop? Focus group come to the conclusion that this new Velcro seal, compared with the other cheese packing seal on the market are more likely to open and close. Thus, for those fingers slightly clumsy, open or close the packaging is no longer a problem. Milk Link is a British dairy farmer cooperatives, state-owned them in a variety of cheese brand soft packing introduces a Velcro sealed snap button, this seemingly small moves, will bring great convenience to the masses of consumers. The seal is made of food grade heat sealing polyethylene. In company with the assistance of APLIX technology, the company implements the called Grip Strip? Environmental protection, the integration of Velcro and packaging. New sealing system will mainly use in the UK supermarket Sainsbury's Named Creamery pre-loaded with cheese, Milk Link Cadog and Lockerbie local cheese brand on the package. 'We often communicate with customers, understand the existing packaging solution sometimes is not convenient to use, such as pull chain sealing were not as convenient,' Milk Link marketing director Hamish Renton said, 'Grip Strip? , would create a new global dairy products, a package of cheese 'golden rule'. 'Earlier this year, the Leatherhead foods study independent verification to most consumers prefer the Grip Strip? Cheese packing, since Milk Link started using Velcro seal. 70% of consumers think Grip Strip? Is the most convenient and repeatable seal sealing, compared to 64% of people said other cheese packing, the seal after the closed and open more easy, 80% of people think that it is the most convenient forms of packaging in the domestic packaging.
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