Type ab buckle main material and using way of Velcro cable tie

by:BAILI     2020-09-16
Type ab buckle Velcro cable tie main material and using way of Velcro cable tie is common in life, type, and more. In our daily life common tie mainly P, T, today say ab type buckle tie is widely used in electronic science and technology industries. Type ab buckle tie and known as nylon Velcro fastening bind belt, ordered the hook of the product surface, greater chance MAO bite, hair neat and not easily broken wires. Hook joint closely MAO, good adhesion, double joint above can use repeatedly tens of thousands of times, quality and stability. Due to the use of nylon material, the resultant force is strong, application is convenient and simple. The ab buckle tie can be exposed to the sunlight directly, can effectively protect the wires placed for a long time in outdoor is not damaged. Ab cingulate is widely used in wire and cable, communications engineering, computer peripheral line material and other fields. The product by hook, MAO voltage bonding and become, can be printed in the surface text messages. Type ab buckle hook and loop cable tie as a kind of electronic science and technology industry to use cable tie, convenient for the sorting of wires, reduces the waste of staff for electronic science and technology industry.
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