Ubiquitous back to back Velcro's contribution

by:BAILI     2020-09-22
Ubiquitous back to back hook and loop contribution to a wide range of back to back Velcro back to back Velcro application more and more widely, it brings our life a lot of fun, also accelerates the pace of life, many people will ask, how did such a little back to back Velcro? In fact, the contribution of such a product is very big, we are in trouble with it can be solved quickly, save our time, very convenient, so we can not only see in some of the common industry, some special cases also see, let's say it in different parts of the application. In some high-tech products, back to back Velcro has a lot of USES, in the direction of the parachute wings can be used, usually there are two groups of Velcro fastening belt to fixed at both ends of the parachute wing side, when using a parachute, you can adjust the direction of the parachute wings posture to adjust direction of land, in the product performance on this need to be very good, sticky need to be very big, just can have security. You used in the family life, are commonly used to household items, such as a wire or cable bundle. Can also be used for the remote control, so that when not in use, we wouldn't throw in use when looking for a long time, it is on the top of the TV set as back to back Velcro, can develop a good habit for you, can also according to the size of it to adjust the length of the Velcro. In general is very convenient, back to back Velcro can also be used on the device, because of the viscous force of Velcro is very strong, so can be very strong to fix it. Whether it's with Velcro to the fixed position of the easy to see, or in the car when the navigator, is very convenient. Velcro can also be used in children's clothes, because you can repeat paste quite a few times, and convenient, therefore, in children's wear Velcro used above can be dress become more simple, convenient for children, but also because of the hook and loop good softness, scratch all won't appear the phenomenon of children. More and more useful in short now, back to back hook and loop, compared with before, such as the zipper and button, Velcro agglutinant and service life, often as a result, the use effect is better, and more popular. Velcro magic word does not mean that it is used to perform magic tricks, but its paste tearing it open when the two sides can quickly recover and will not appear damage phenomenon, so a lot of people would choose it instead of our traditional cable tie.
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