Umbrella back glue Velcro, tablets

by:BAILI     2020-10-01
With the widespread of network appliances, hook and loop. And the functional sex of the tablet is getting stronger and stronger, the fuselage is more and more slender and thin, so there were 80% of people in China have to buy a tablet, and use the tablet. But many people often use the process of the tablet, does not care for the computer, because the tablet at work to heat dissipation, hand in hand with the tablet, it is easier to sweat, and then a big turn, the computer already lying on the ground broken, now there is a way to prevent this to happen, is to use Velcro at the back of the computer, would prevent the tragedy happened. Will appear in the process of playing computer palms sweat, a carelessly came away in his hands, actually fell on the cement floor, makes the tablet screen above, fell out a particularly ugly rift. I have to find a store, want to repair, but the price is really very expensive, so now very regret, but there is no good way to solve. I think can't accept the screen of crack and put the tablets gave up. Now have back glue Velcro, you rest assured to buy the computer. Later told an old friend I computer incident, he said that to prevent the tablet still there are ways to sell, is the application of glue hook and loop back. After using it, the back glue hook and loop prices. Add a set of hand device, help tablets and fixed on the wrist, and it can also help increase the friction of the fuselage, avoid slippery. And with the help of it, one-handed operation tablet has become very easy, so how to buy back glue Velcro? Actually for half of all consumers, online shopping or electronics store are sold, the price is not expensive, as long as 10 yuan or so, can save our beloved computer.
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need fuel for energy,while custom hook and loop tape do not.
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