Use Velcro to accompany you to school_

by:BAILI     2021-04-16

The new semester is about to begin. The students are preparing to end a pleasant vacation and welcome the new semester. Various preparations are also in progress. In the early days of school, some essential items are very hot. In the bookstore, students and their parents are choosing appropriate learning materials. The various stationery in the stationery store is dazzling, and there are many kinds of pens. There are also bags for storing materials, some use zippers, and some use plastic buttons.

Now, there are more models with hook and loop buckle. There is glue on the back of the hook buckle. Manufacturers can tear off the release paper and paste it on the production paper. Too high can save labor and cost, so it will be cheaper to sell. It's very convenient to wear. The important task of book loading is the schoolbag, which pays more attention to lightness, mesh and back protection. Now, the small details of these school bags are changing. If you put the book in, if you are not satisfied, it will fall apart, so some companies will add hook and loop straps to fix the book to make the whole bag look neat. We have prepared school supplies, daily necessities and clothes. By the way, now the hook and loop ties can store or sort some books. The pen plays a very important role, it can be reused, can also be equipped with color, and the marker can mark the content to be marked on the tape, if you need to store the house, you can find the manufacturer of the hook and loop strap, we will do our best to You serve.

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