Vacuum laminating processing steps and some tips

by:BAILI     2020-11-12
With the vigorous development of the high-tech electronic information business, consumer electronic products has become necessary in People's Daily life, and many consumer electronics products have been towards the trend of lightweight, especially the combination of display and input two technologies touch display panel, it have the function of LCD and touch input at the same time, and can greatly enhance the practical performance of all kinds of consumer electronics. In general, the touch display panel composed of touch panel and LCD panel, the combination of the most means is given priority to with glue, its main points has two modes: that is, in the one piece of panel board face after coating a layer of optical glue solution, then another corresponding joint panel, then use ultraviolet light to make the optical adhesive curing; Or adopted coated with glue of optical film and plate joint, directly to complete the preparation of the touch panel display. As a result, the industry constantly focus on touch panel display assembly technology in development, in order to through the way of automatic production, improve similar to plate agglutination of assembly processing capacity and yield. In principle, automation panel laminating equipment is mainly used conveyor belt, in the form of linear motion will be transported through a series of basic processing objects one by one the gluing, laminating, drying and processing steps, more will be in the process of joint use vacuum negative pressure device to make further phase of joint board piece of external environment to form a negative state, helps to discharge air between the sheets, to ensure that the joint quality of panel. Vacuum processing, processing of joint structure: by gasbag adjust upper and lower stay plate gap to achieve good flatness, and increase the service life, keep on board the vacuum processing joint institutions. And to provide a small volume and upper and lower keep plate flatness don't need too much can achieve good flatness vacuum processing joint institutions. Vacuum laminating method: step 1: keep the board and airbag set on the floor, and the aeration device puts out the links in the air, vacuum pump to keep the board the bleeding point; Step 2: place the substrate in the maintaining of plate joints and the next plate to press on, then aim the upper guide hole holding plate under the guide pin and set into the keep plate, plate joint kept on board and; Step 3: start charging device keep balloon extended upward fill the upper and lower plate break, to adjust the upper and lower keep plate flatness; Step 4: through the vacuum pump will balloon deflated, and through the vacuum pump to keep on board and keep the board under the differential pressure across the bleeding point reached vacuum laminating effect, at the same time, set up in keeping under the plate and the plate on the substrate for keeping under the plate and the plate for vacuum laminating adhesive to keep; Step 5: close the vacuum pump, base plate.
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