Velcro and wide in application, the enterprise how to seize the business opportunities

by:BAILI     2020-09-25
Velcro and wide in application, the enterprise how to seize the opportunity, as a kind of general supplies, are widely used in clothing, shoes and hats, leather bags, sporting goods, etc. , is pretty big customer base, with the continuous development of industry, the range of products in the growing, new products constantly improved, suitable for fire hook and loop on the fire fighting equipment, to meet the field of medical equipment research and development of preferable Velcro fleece are being developed, following the era change Velcro products also increasingly favored by high-tech electronics industry, in recent years, the magic tie is also very common in many mobile phone brands. Although Velcro products popular in the market, but depends on the rest of the entire textile industry, the main Velcro products also there is a confusion of enterprise, labor cost and raw material costs rise, the market began to, peer competition is intense, between heavy price tactics for enterprises, in the external and internal environment of the double pressure, textile accessories enterprise how to consolidate the existing market share and to find new growth space? Environmental protection topic as the first, with a magic power in today's environmental problems have been paid much attention by countries, environmental Velcro should be born. At present to produce the main material is nylon Velcro, because soft nylon won't burn, its characteristics are very suitable for application in the clothing, and is very environmentally friendly material, besides nylon polyester and polyester nylon material, nylon grade A material, don't catch hair material is the main material of hook and loop, different materials can be made from different Velcro, use and characteristics are also different, are also produced by environmental protection standard. Traditional magic stick to high viscosity has no requirement, convenient to use glue, joint can be sealed, and the higher requirements on the adhesive products can only use the traditional bonding method, but with the introduction of advanced technology, new products in by continual research and development, now has a strong nylon hair magic stick a face, the nylon Velcro than traditional nylon Velcro MAO MAO, with enormous cohesiveness.
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