Velcro anti-mosquito screens summer good helper

by:BAILI     2020-09-12
Velcro coagent anti-mosquito screens summer summer season against mosquitoes at night is the biggest. Generally the mosquito repellent effect is not so good, and the harm of human body is a little more or less, so the hook and loop screens became nowadays of choice for many people, not only effectively isolate the mosquito, it is the most important of non-toxic harmless, convenient over the summer can also be removed. hook and loop anti-mosquito screens are made up of adhesive hook and loop and gauze. Can pack since since the split. Its material: nylon or dacron. Colors: black, white, often specifications: 1. 1米* 1。 3 m1。 3米* 1。 5 m1。 5米* 1。 5 m, color can be customized according to the requirements of material specification. Product advantage: environmental non-toxic harmless, has the characteristics of simple beauty appearance, casual disassembling function no noise closed anti-mosquito dust-proof effect is superior. So are wide used to family restaurant office schools, hospitals and other kinds of places to see these advantages, everyone can see, magic window is the first choice for modern out of pesticide products, its market is very promising! The hook and loop can be tailored for you.
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