Velcro application advantage in the tie

by:BAILI     2020-11-06

Velcro, baby diapers, Velcro, in numerous hook and loop use occasions, however, tie the use of hook and loop is unknown. Below is a brief introduction the magic stick using the advantages of analysis in the tie. 1. Simple way of making actually use magic stick in the tie, does not increase the complexity of the tie handmade, instead on making way is simpler. Comply with the handmade idea now. Many tie enterprises also saw the application prospect of hook and loop, reform in tie during production. Buy good quality, consistent with tie material type of Velcro produce various fashion, beautiful tie. 2. Quick and easy to use experience for business people, and tie it requires a certain amount of time each day, if the magic stick, only need to gently stick together can achieve good bonding effect. Its corresponding advantages is the other common tie what you don't have. The effect of Velcro in all walks of life just as its name. Convenient, affordable and fast. To the people of high quality fashion life indispensable. Such as the back glue hook and loop used in jewelry industry, in the use of canvas shoes, used in the tent, and so on. The universality of the scope and environmental protection and ease of use is the main reason for its popularity.

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