Velcro became a famous game props

by:BAILI     2020-11-08

on January 16 - variety show 'run brothers let rip brand the most popular game, especially a lot of primary and middle school students are fascinated by this. Seize this opportunity, many stationery shop sell brand items. But some parents tore famous game with a certain risk, also worried about the safety of the students. At noon today, in the west is all in a residential area of the car garage, reporter saw four middle school students during the lunch break, 221 groups began to tear famous game. Where to get off kuqa car environment, however, is for running these children did. 'A store is selling brand in our school, the students are playing this. 'A student tells a reporter, now tear brand has become popular in the campus. At west six-way is a stationery store, reporter saw the door hangs torn brand the props, the clerk told reporters, near the middle school students is their regular customers, 'high school students to buy a lot of, some students have to buy, intimdating crowd scenes like a 'According to salesperson introduction, tore designer items prices vary, there are 5 yuan a hook and loop can be repeated use famous brand, also have 1 dollar a one-off designer. Although tore famous game can make now lack of outdoor sports children run, but due to the tear in the process of brand there are a lot of physical contact, have certain risk, some parents also expressed concern. Citizens liu said, 'after since the running man, I often play with my classmates in school children tore designer, sometimes play about with my classmates after school. Children to exercise more would have been good, but the game was tearing and tear a bit dangerous, sometimes the children clothes were torn. '

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