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by:BAILI     2020-09-03
Velcro brand since zhejiang TV's 'run to it, brothers,' hit, the famous game quickly popular in China. Early especially students, college students or high school students, even primary school students fall in love with this little game. So what is tore famous game, famous brand is a kind of leisure sports games. Generally divided into two or three group ( Also can be in individual events) , here in two groups, for instance, each person with his name on the back is called a famous brand. Against, then both parties can use mobile warfare against, or positive is not hurt each other to each other under the condition of the nameplate on the back off is the winner, two people such as team A tear down all the famous brand in team B two people, namely A team wins! If one famous brand by tearing, ripped designer elimination ( ) 。 So the game to make props, famous brand is what to do? This is produced by the hook and loop together, and our Velcro textiles is a professional manufacturer, production of processed all kinds of Velcro brand. For the love of the game, provides a very convenient game props.
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