Velcro cable tie application and use of the method

by:BAILI     2020-11-09

Velcro cable tie, alias Velcro cable ties, fastening belt tie, it and popular pierced with divergence, popular tie, design a backstop effect, only the more tight. And Velcro cable tie adopt Velcro make sense, it is a kind of cohesion and auxiliary points male female two sides, a wall is another small soft fiber wall is a hard like xiaomao grasp of the instrument. Just stick together. By certain pulling force, the rich elastic hook is straight, glue and closed it from the loop pile, and then restore reply to revive some hook type, Ruth repeated opening and closing of up to ten thousand pay, fastening belt is generally applied to all kinds of items are often open and close fit or status, but the traditional sticky strap can only adopt sewing method is firm on the product or object.

use: can be used to computer the external cable lines to external mouse keyboard cable sound box line, headphones line, all kinds of power supply charger line, cable, household appliances, audio line, wire surrounding the cabinet attached, to make them as the structure, go draw a tasteful, convenient clean the whole line

can be conveniently used to clean up and combing all kinds of wire and cable of the family. hook and loop type with the growth of science and technology, the application of Velcro also persist in the way of progress, its degradation types are also persist, by the last dress handbag factory with nylon hook and loop, degraded to plastic hardware household goods factory back glue adhesive Velcro, electronics factory equipment factory in line with Velcro cable tie, animal with a strong belt, etc.

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