Velcro cable tie back adhesive with the same product? What advantage?

by:BAILI     2020-10-29
Velcro cable tie with adhesive back strap is a product, the problem should be just contact the industry's small white often encountered problems, in fact, the back adhesive with a nickname called Velcro cable tie, due to is not the same as the name of the each region now a product more multiple names, some additive is the product can be applied in the field of unused, function and purpose is not only confined to one area which have a different name, the name of the well we this article mainly introduces what is the advantage of Velcro cable tie, before the small make up to introduce advantage, let's take a look at our lives now in common use Velcro cable tie, electrical appliances this is every household will be furniture, then this appliance each data line connected to the power supply, this believe everyone to know, in the absence of Velcro cable tie a lot of people are using tied with cable, now the era of science and technology development, more and more people use hook and loop some thread of truth home to class, especially after some families with children, home goods often could not find the mess, or is made to these problems is housewife tricky thing, Velcro cable tie can take these items very good, but also handle the items quickly, time and energy are greatly reduced, hook and loop cable tie with speed, good insulation, self-locking ban solid, easy to use, below small make up in detail what are advantages of hook and loop cable tie. A facility, ordinary plastic cable tie must be through the hole to tie to live, and to pull tight fixed, very trouble; hook and loop cable tie doesn't have to bother, as long as the colligation of fixed objects, the Velcro cable tie round can automatic binding. Second, the service life of the ordinary plastic cable tie, tie, after a belongs to the disposable goods. Velcro cable tie after binding, if you want to change the route or don't want to tie, can be directly removed, and the next time you can continue to use, and can be repeatedly used thousands of times. Three, security, ordinary plastic cable tie is very thin, sharp, on the other side has a small hole, if carelessly will plunge into our hands; Velcro cable tie is used is 100% nylon material, the material is more soft, does not hurt the hand, adult child older people can be at ease to use. Velcro cable tie it with the ordinary with difference, ordinary cable tie, design check out function, only the more tight. Velcro cable tie can be easily used to comb and family in all kinds of wire and cable. And Velcro cable tie is widely used in electronics factory, bundling TV, computers and other internal cables, and even some lighting, electrical, electronic toys and other products within the lines are fixed, it can be used for mechanical equipment on the oil pipeline, vessel cable line of the fixed without its help, Velcro cable tie can also bicycle vehicle packaging or bundling other objects, also can be used in agriculture, horticulture, handicrafts and so on a knot. Velcro cable tie its use is very wide.
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