Velcro cable tie what exquisite production material

by:BAILI     2020-09-26
Velcro cable tie production material what exquisite Velcro cable tie has a potent force, this kind of hook and loop cable tie, mainly to prevent movement easy to split, or exercise at damageable problem. Therefore in the process of using Velcro cable tie tear about Velcro cable tie of avoid by all means, because it is easy to make the Velcro cable tie hook broken leading to failure or hard can let a Velcro cable tie with corset apart. Gently open the Velcro cable tie is to open up and down the right way, this way is not Velcro cable tie is helpless. Velcro with wide application in daily life, whether it is a tall on the field of aerospace, electronic apparatus and instruments; Or close to the life of furniture, clothes and so on all has the widespread application. So how to correctly use the Velcro cable tie is to ensure that the Velcro cable tie use effect and the primary premise of life. In general, the new back glue Velcro cable tie is a failure will not happen, Velcro cable tie on the sticky eyewinker IDE when cleaning or stolen goods, but it is important to note that when cleaning stick good Velcro cable tie, protect the Velcro cable tie to come into contact with water, only in this way can effectively prevent the Velcro cable tie failure, at the same time, pay attention to when cleaning the best can effectively avoid corrosive detergent. Velcro cable tie making the materials we need to make the Velcro cable tie, need material very much, so in general have what material? A, polyester material, and this kind of material if use fire to fire a prosperous at the same time there will be a black smoke, the smell is very, very pungent, also on the quality of a material is hard and rough. Second, the nylon A level, quality of A material is very soft, this kind of Velcro cable tie often are used for close-fitting clothes. Third, blend fabric, this kind of material is mainly by the mixture of nylon and polyester, therefore characteristic is not easy to burn. Four, nylon Velcro cable tie is not easy to burn, texture is soft and environmental protection at the same time. Specializing in the production of various kinds of Velcro cable tie, sticky strap tie, baby Velcro. Welcome to sample processing, custom
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