( Velcro) Children's clothing to consider security

by:BAILI     2020-09-05
( hook and loop) Selected children's clothing to consider safety hooded fleece is young parents prefer to one of the children with age season clothing, this clothing is not only modern design, and soft cloth material, a hat can also rain. Many clothes hat, and a rope to tighten. Many children also like pulling the rope to play, but you know, this is a small rope, sometimes can be fatal. Yangcheng evening news reported, guangdong infant deaths in a kindergarten, a 5 years old boy playing slide, because a stripe on clothing collar JieEr rope card on the slide, and in its neck, cause choking, the hospital after the rescue invalid death. Parents want to send their children to get dolled up on, but in the notice and beautiful at the same time, the design of children's clothing is safe and comfortable? Jilin university first hospital of pediatrics doctor zhao, children's skin is more delicate, bones of the body also in growing period, if the parents to the child's clothes take improper selection, easy to cause urinary infection, so the choice of clothes for children also carefully, there are five types of inappropriate for a children's clothing and shoes. Painted with drilling and dangerous index of clothing: u u u u 'children are more active, the clothes had better not too much adornment. Like some with drill is parents like to give children choose clothes, because wear to beautiful, boys and girls can wear. 'Said Dr Zhao, actually this kind of costumes drilling adhesion is not strong, generally a few times it is easy to wash off, and because of sparkling beautiful, some children take the drill pick to play, even the drill in his mouth, it's easy to eat into the belly, trigger gastrointestinal diseases, there are even more serious accident. Zipper, hooded fleece with draw string danger index: u u u do zip clothes, while convenient than to wear a tie, but children in the society after wearing the dress, dress himself easily into the meat, commend don't push. There are hooded fleece with smoked rope, the kindergarten for guangdong's accident, although it doesn't happen very often, but also should pay attention to 'children are active, children playing, may pull the rope to play each other, this is unsafe. 'Zhao doctors advised, when buying clothes for children, the ornaments to as little as possible, there is no best. Dangerous index of coarse linen, chemical fiber texture underwear: u u u fostered fostered 'children's skin more delicate, choose to suit its wearing underwear, for children in the growth and development of is very necessary. 'Doctor zhao said, children are the most suitable to wear white cotton knitted underwear or soft cotton underwear. Now on the market some children underwear fabrics using rough or quality of a material is very hard, so it is easy to scratch the skin of children. Some underwear in which also joined the chemical fiber material qualitative material, easy to stimulate children's skin, allergic dermatitis, serious when can cause infection. Leggings danger index: u u u u do doctors zhao leggings, such as jeans, chicken leg pants because of its thin legs, buttocks tight, isn't very convenient for children crouch, when wearing, affect the growth and activity of children, on the bones, muscles, and reproductive system has a very serious impact. Stretched too tight in the crotch friction often stimulate children's reproductive organs, so as to affect the genital growth cause inflammation or infection, etc. 'Children aged 0 ~ 6 is body skeleton development peak, the choice of this kind of garment clothing must discreet, can occasionally wear, but it is not recommended for everyday wear. 'Said Dr Zhao. Dangerous index of children's shoes, high heels: u u u u do little shoes, high-heeled shoes, fashion style and beautiful, many parents watched some fondle admiringly, however, when preparing to buy to remind you, so early to wear leather shoes, high heels, not very appropriate. Growth and development of children's bone loose, fast, too early to wear leather shoes, will affect the foot blood circulation, affect the growth and development of the toes and feet are very easy to cause the foot deformity. For children just learning to walk, more can't choose the shoes, be sure to give the child choose loose and comfortable shoes, in order to avoid the bad walking habit. In the same way, wear high-heeled shoes can make phalanges, metatarsus deformation and coarsens, impede joint mobility, also easy to cause the hallux valgus and flatfoot deformity. Problems of these for adults, the kids will become more serious. Wear high heels, upper body forward, buttocks up above, the body's centre of gravity will fall on the toes, normal gravity would shift transmission line, hinder the normal growth and development of the body, still can cause the entrance of the pelvis become narrow, may affect fertility in adulthood. Advice: buy a hooded fleece to take away draw string yesterday, the reporter found when came to changchun in guilin road business circle, children's clothing stalls hooded fleece is very sell like hot cakes, color, pattern, and a variety of styles, there are many styles of hooded fleece with a rope, but also some rope part to carry on the processing of the hat.
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