Velcro correct usage

by:BAILI     2020-11-10

fastening belt | magic stick also belongs to a kind of consumables, with use and over time will gradually become bad, or even broken. Although this appearance, Velcro generally use time can be longer, and if we know the Velcro, the correct method of use, can better keep the Velcro durability, make it more long life. Fastening with Velcro correct method of use: 1. New magic stick usually does not lead to failure, it is important to note that when washing stick good Velcro can wash, so that to prevent failure, to avoid corrosive detergent when washing. 2. Must remember that Velcro, open way is to open the can, up and down the sound small and easy to open. 3. Powerful pull Velcro, prevent movement and open design. 4. So tear left and right hook and loop, can make the hook and loop, hook broken cause failure or to force the magic stick with the corset apart. 5. Remember about forcibly torn, lead to improper use, buyers think Velcro, wrong not durability or belong to quality problems. 6. Open the Velcro must be up and down direction, bear in mind that left and right pull to open.

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