Velcro do anti-mosquito screens

by:BAILI     2020-11-04

magic window to make the difficulty lies in the fixed screens on the magic of the burrs, at present there are mainly two kinds of methods, one kind is sewing, and general sewing machine can sew, it apparently not (for some people Man, I'm not) , one kind is to use the back glue wool top stick gauze on the galley, reoccupy staple reinforcement, I also tried, but there are limitations of stick too and not beautiful. That is to say, these two methods have innings limit, not so good. This let yarn network on the basis of summarizing the predecessors' method on the tops of fixed method made a fundamental change, really do can make a pair of scissors, and network with wool top fixed firmly and make magic window more beautiful. Make points below

1, choose hair hook back glue hook and loop on both sides, the length of wool top a doubly 5 more than the length of the hook of the cmm2, to back glue paste on window frame around, according to tight and window frames of cement ( Stick before nearly dry since needless to say) ; Article 3, cutting window height hook a doubly 5 cm on the back glue wool top two, article to the hook on the high side, at the bottom of the scale on top and also the hook on the hook the noodles up and down; 4, tear the tape on the reverse of the wool top above stick the screen on the edge, then in turn network stick in back glue on both sides of the galley, finally stick in the side cut off redundant gauze, yarn and cut net when indented 2 - the most good net than side More than 3 mm and the no different just do as window screens, even without the feet. Projects 5, key point: the window edge of wool top fold back glue, in the turns into the one with the magic of the width of the circular tube, then put the wool top facing out MAO, gum facing gauze paste in the yarn online, then set foot on the bottom back glue fibers such as method of paste in the yarn online 6, you're done, don't forget to tap with good thing around the screen window, cement, also don't hurry to use, glue is not dry enough, go easy 7, with one hand! In order to increase the beauty and fastness, it is recommended to install four color buckle, four corners so that make to magic window is fastened and the United States, you will also be 8, TAB and details that we will be ready for you. After you see a magic window screen? No! ! ! ! If you have a better way to tell me? 9, everything is so simple and clear, action! Give you a no mosquitoes in the summer.

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