Velcro dyeing has what function and effect

by:BAILI     2020-09-27
Velcro dyeing effect has what function and Velcro is everybody know the product of one of the most commonly used, and the incumbent on corners are able to meet with Velcro this good thing. Let's use of baby products, clothes, Du child, this not have hook and loop, basically on Velcro in everyone's eyes, looks very not eyes, but with it, is very different, its effect and results in the industrial product plays a no substitute effect, other things is no way to replace the Velcro, looks really simple, just by MAO and hook face a combination of two substances, it is added to this, to form a tore a pull, two different objects can be glued together. The effect is really great. hook and loop in product mix with others, if the color is not consistent, forming one and not the same as comparison, it didn't become a whole, so the hook and loop in the mix, with its own color allocate items of Velcro color must be consistent, so that talent, it seems, there is a kind of coordination. In fact, its dyeing is also very tough, want to go by many process talents into a kind of want to color. Dyer, therefore, the task is also very carefully, a bit not pay attention to, the color will form the inconsistencies, the photometric distortion, will form a big loss.
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