Velcro English what is in the use of the international scope?

by:BAILI     2020-09-04
What is Velcro in English? Actually is compared commonly big international company in the search of VELCRO stick like direct search VELCRO strap, namely English, also known as fastening belt, is a common connection accessories on the clothes, molecular mother two sides, one side is a small soft fiber, round (MAO 循环) The other side, is a hard hook seta ( 钩) 。 The general clothes HOOK on it. Relatively Velcro English is widely used in the world, I believe you all know, in addition to the UK, many countries in the world like to communicate in English, most of the clothing international manufacturers in the purchase they will habitually to search with Velcro English, an example of such a small make up before they met. Before have already specialized to do foreign trade clothing customers, we are all basically on communication communicate in mandarin, but in the purchase order, all the related all is English, is not only a Velcro, back glue Velcro, Velcro cable tie all are in the description in English, so want to do a good job in the international market, you must understand the hook and loop in English.
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