Velcro enterprise process management of the basic requirements and process

by:BAILI     2020-11-04

textile enterprises ( hook and loop enterprises) Process management the basic requirement of process management of each work must be both advanced and reasonable. Its basic requirements are as follows. ( 1) Ensure and improve the quality of products, to meet the national quality the most standard, and with the international quality standards, at the same time to meet user requirements. ( 2) To save time, save raw materials, power, raw materials and auxiliary materials, reduce product cost and improve labor productivity. ( 3) Ensure equipment reasonable, economical operation and equilibrium of production. Improve the production efficiency. Make full use of production capacity. Textile enterprise technology responsibility any enterprise to survival and development it is necessary to produce products to meet customer demand. And the formation of the product must pass through market research, development, design, production technical preparation, raw material procurement, production, quality management, marketing and after-sales service process, and the process technology, process management. Process management through textile enterprise operation process! Management job responsibility 1 process. The factory director process responsibility ( 1) Negative you set up a sound and effective business process management system. ( 2) Responsible for setting up perfect, unified and effective process management. ( 3) For examination and approval of enterprise technology development planning, technology development planning, technical improvement plan, the introduction of significant technology equipment and infrastructure projects. ( 4) To the enterprise to carry out national and superior technology policies, rules and regulations issued by the competent department in charge of responsibility. 2. Technology is the factory director, General labor rent interpretation) Your head engineer is the manager of factory process management, overall responsibility for process management of enterprises, which is responsible for the leadership for process design, put forward the technological requirements, change in the approval process and major projects, issue the process management system and check the execution, lead the research process activities. Specific content has the following several points. ( 1) Establish and improve, led by chief engineer, process management and process technology of accountability. ( 2) To establish and perfect the system of technology within the scope of the work. ( 3) Set up your system technology aspects of the work procedures. ( 4) Organization to lead the investigation process. For medium and long-term technology development plan, improve the level of the enterprise production process. ( 5) Arrange technology personnel to participate in new product development, research and user access to the old products. Process scheme for examination and approval of important products, new product development, the appraisal work. ( 6) Establish and improve the process standards, sad to professional institutions or appoint someone in the process standards, intelligence work constantly improve the level of technology and process management level. ( 7) Your production technical preparation, ready to have a scientific periodical guarantee process. ( 8) Examination and approval of all kinds of technology file and the system of process planning and process. ( 9) Negative your secrecy technology archives and technology. ( 10) Responsible for organizing, leading technology personnel technical training, evaluation, promotion, etc.

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