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by:BAILI     2020-11-04

a first-time Velcro what you need to know? First: we need to know the magic stick invention history, all men are mortal; The second: we need to know the magic stick some classification and parameters of the third: we need to know some of its purpose; The application of and to experience the life for us; Fourth: of course, if you are interested in sticky strap, can learn about the related technologies, of course. Such as see Velcro baidu encyclopedia class description; Here we reproduced simply introduce some manufacturing machinery: Velcro machinery mainly south Fang Li strength Velcro shears and the hook and loop welding machine. hook and loop shear machine working principle: Velcro shear machine is to use ultrasonic welding technology with Velcro shear machine ( 3) Shear, the combination of traditional works in the ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic energy through ultrasonic transducer to the welding head and violent vibration friction with the cutting die, so as to achieve the effect of shear and the shear product is more beautiful, stronger, more efficient and fast efficiency. Technical parameters: models: NK - CJQ1526A power: AC220V - 240 v / 50 - Frequency of 60 hz power: 1500 w: 20 KHZ pressure: 0. 6 - 0. MPS type: ultrasonic shear weight: 125 kg size: 1200 mm * 550 mm * 1350 mm ( Length x width x height) hook and loop shears the rounded die [ 1] Features: 1. Using ultrasonic shear, full of incision and beautiful, neat smooth cutting edges, burrs, not loose edge, excellent shear effect; 2. The machine adopts PLC control, automatic feeding, computer count, high precision, high speed, adjust the length of the simple and quick, efficient, and can be multiple shear at the same time. Working environment: 1. The power supply must be AC220 - - 240 v and safe ground. The machine is placed in dry ventilated and light 3 good place. Places where machines are no corrosion product knowledge: ultrasonic cutting machine cutting knife is easy to wear? Why there are two sides: ( 1) Was the knife itself. We all know that more than 20 KHZ ultrasonic cutting through the high-speed friction and pressure to complete cutting, ultrasonic itself has grinding effect on cutting knife. Ultrasonic die is made of high quality alloy steel, after heat treatment, hardness can reach more than 60 °, due to the die cutting knife constantly and ultrasonic impact, the quality of the cutting knife is not bad, so ultrasonic knife must use imported high-quality tool steel to make, the hardness after heat treatment must be 61 °, is higher than ultrasonic die once. ( 2) The causes of the debugging. Have already said above ultrasonic cutting is done by high-speed friction and cutting knife pressure, ultrasonic cutting machine tool is a general under 60 ° acute Angle, so we are in the process of debugging must make accurate adjustment of cutter spacing, cutter and ultrasonic die did not come into contact with, when the pressure vibration by ultrasonic vibration friction, otherwise the ultrasonic cutting machine tool under the impact of high pressure, will soon wear, it will also affect the ultrasonic mold life. welding machine welding machine has two, respectively is: 2600 w standard ultrasonic welding machine, south Fang Li strength double magic stick welding machine. The hook and loop welding is used to mill the hook and loop and adhesive materials welded together. The magic stick welding machine ( 6) Working principle: ultrasonic plastic welding machine, also called ultrasonic plastic welding machine, ultrasonic wave through the welding head is the conduction to the plastic processing parts, the two plastic joint surface friction due to receive the effect of ultrasonic, frictional heat melt plastic joint face and joint completely. Advantages of this technology has a fast speed, welding firmly, more important is can make the plastic products processing automation. Ultrasonic plastic welding machine for plastic welding, embedment, forming, riveting, welding, excision and suture operation, only need to change welding head can be used for a variety of applications. Technical parameters: machine type: NK - S1526 machine size: 800 * 1000 * 1850 mm electric voltage: 220 v weight: 180 kg power: 2600 w air pressure: 4 - 6 kg/CM2 double magic stick welding machine working principle: using the principle of ultrasonic, the magic stick welding on the non-woven fabric, and the magic stick welding machine (with one like you 3) The pattern as requested delivery spinning cloth or company LOGO. Welding is firm, embossing clear; Welding width can be adjusted; Double mechanical, both sides can be welded at the same time, the level is easy to adjust. Mainly used for fast clean cloth, non-woven fabric to mop of welding. Technical parameters: type: NK - 50/60 Hz CPW1526 voltage: 220 v power: 2600 w machine size ( After packing) Width: 1060 x 760 x1700mm welding size: 200 mm to 300 mm is adjustable speed: 18 ~ 28 / minute

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