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by:BAILI     2020-11-11

sticky strap actually also belongs to a kind of consumables, and now it is with our career focus on each other, under the entourage of so much, if people don't try to cherish, to its possible in a short time, let it lose function, in order to guaranteeing or extend the application of life, in the application of fastening belt, we also should pay attention to the protection of stop the disorder.

fastening with the following several kinds of material are

1, nylon material

nylon short ignition, and very soft, magic stick is suitable for application in the clothing, and the material is very green.

2, polyester material

a brief ignition, and will produce black smoke, also with a blunt nose smell, the material is hard, and feel is relatively coarse.

3, polyester and nylon mixed material

is a combination of all the characteristics of polyester and nylon, not easy ignition, by the use of very much. Gum hook and loop is the application of this kind of material.

4 A grade, nylon material

very tender, commonly used for close-fitting clothes application, and it also can be used on babies, not cause skin damage.

5, don't catch hair material

important don't grab trick stick kinds, just rough and hook A a-class BanPei nylon material application, used in relatively more intimate apparel.

not the same as the material used may be made into different fastening belt, the material is different, use and characteristics of the fastening belt is different, but all kinds of fastening belt are all accord with environmental protection standards, customers on the basis of its may need to select different kinds of sticky strap.

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