Velcro fastening belt, small details

by:BAILI     2020-09-08
hook and loop fastening belt, small details revelation Velcro fastening belt origin do you know how many? All say the world is not lack of beauty, but the lack of eyes to find beauty, it is not false, in fact, many inventions are some small details of life to provide inspiration, hook and loop fastening belt is one is a classic example. So let's look at the following two examples to illustrate the significance of small details revelation. First, silly silly putty before become a popular children's favorite toy, its original design purpose is for cleaning products. The image of it for the first time to enter the market as a dirty wallpaper clean. KutolProducts company staff found that the children began to use this kind of cleaning products making Christmas decorations, so they try to remove the detergent in the silly putty, add pigment and good to smell the smell of the sale, so one of the most popular kinds of toys in the world. This change makes the insolvent company has been a huge success. Second, hook and loop fastening belt Swiss engineer George DE mei Stella, the fastening belt in the process of the invention, the dog dog has played a very important role, so don't exaggerate. Day mei Stella, with his pet dog to hunt in the forest, back when found thorn got a lot of dogs. Mei Stella, later found under a microscope, thorn is small 'barbed' let it firmly glued on the fabric and animal hair. If a whim, he can also produce these similar small hooks on tape, it also can make cloth belt not overlap each other instead of buttons and zippers? Before the birth of nylon, he USES various fabrics for many years research.
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