Velcro ( Fastening belt) The application of

by:BAILI     2020-09-29
Fastening belt use is very common in our life, such as clothes, shoes, bags, curtain can meet daily necessities, but for fire fastening with the products we may not be very understand, so what place will use fire fastening belt? Seen from its literal meaning knew the fastening belt has the function of the fire, so you can know fire fastening belt are often used for industrial production. Electrical wiring harness strapping or vertical hanging pieces, use of fire fastening belt is better in these places. General fire prevention fastening belt in addition to the fire prevention function, easy to use, strong adhesive force, it also has a flame retardant, high temperature resistant, resistant to water, the characteristics of high melting point, is not easy to burn. So fire sticky strap besides used in industrial production, also often used in aerospace, professional fire-fighting equipment and accessories, etc. Not only that, the fire protection fastening belt can also be used in direct contact with the skin products, textile co. , LTD. In this respect the fire fastening belt can be used for all kinds of baby products and environmental protection products. Specializing in the production, sells each kind of back glue Velcro, stamping hook and loop, such as injection hook Velcro, Velcro product variety qi, the specification entire, high quality, color sample. Velcro back glue Velcro, blunt type, injection hook Velcro service hot line: 0769 - 22013784 / Mr Liang. ( This site keywords: back glue hook and loop, stamping Velcro, penetrate hook Velcro manufacturer, fastening belt manufacturer, Velcro, fastening belt, back glue Velcro, back adhesive cingulate, Velcro cable tie)
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