Velcro features of the product and its physical properties

by:BAILI     2020-10-09
The hook and loop product features: 1. Resistance to high temperature washing, yellowing resistance, resistant to sunlight. 2. Fixed hook arrange very neat surface, cut the hook Angle makes the tick bite probability increase, MAO viscosity more assured 3. Stable quality, uniform brush, not easy broken wires, transverse tensile is firm and 4. In the late of products, and tick bite can reach more than ten thousand times 5 MAO. Product USES the environmental protection raw material production, azo free, does not contain heavy metals 6. Product is a pure nylon material, is soft, smooth and certain flame retardant hook and loop physical properties: test adopts the hundred nylon hook and loop heat melting point: 230 degrees and MAO: 180 degrees, in 93 - — 56. Maintain within 7 degrees cold tolerance - 1000 hours Can still use 20 degrees, the more the strength of low temperature tension, but the durability of resistance to water in the water to keep 50%, ammonia 28%, hydrochloric acid, 2. Nitric acid, 5% 3. 5% can still function.
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