Velcro fibre fineness of how to distinguish

by:BAILI     2020-11-07

Velcro and fastening belt, there are many kinds of material, have fire prevention, anti-static, back rubber, nylon, polyester variety of very much and their rich colors, quality excellent, easy to use and affordable everyone in life is the preferred products, hook and loop manufacturer today is to teach people how to distinguish the Velcro fibre fineness! Velcro fineness is different for two reasons one is the different degree between fiber is another single fiber along the length direction of the thickness is different, the fineness of natural fiber in the process of growth is affected by the natural environment and other factors and there are big differences. The fine degree of cotton fiber ( The linear density) Associated with cotton fiber morphology and structure. The outer circumference of the cotton fiber on the one hand, in the early growth of own determine; Fiber cell feed continuously, on the other hand, thickening, namely maturity. The fine degree of cotton fiber is directly related to the outer circle skillfully maturity. Due to the outer perimeter with cotton varieties and the origin of a product, even the parts related to the growth of the cotton leaves and seeds. But the maturity and growing conditions and harvest time, so the fine degree of cotton fiber mainly depends on cotton varieties, growth conditions, etc. As a result, not only with YiMian package there exists different degree of cotton fiber. The same root thin and middle thick on both ends of the cotton fiber is asymmetrical cross section morphological changes, the linear density is also the middle coarse and fine on both ends, asymmetry. Various hemp hemp thickness difference is more significant, not only by the growing conditions, primary phloem fiber cells and secondary phloem fiber cells growth period not Ibi effects, such as the thickness of single fiber ( The variation coefficient is 30% 40%) 。 And technology of fiber caused by the randomness of fiber splitting degree of thickness difference is bigger.

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