Velcro for chassis various accessories line

by:BAILI     2020-11-08

you may clap breast said, 'my computer desktop is very clean and tidy, but your computer is really clean? So, might as well open the case and see, you will find the cable cobwebs clutter, it's not a good phenomenon. Want to know, neat is from outside to inside, now let's move to the 'spider web' clean. At this moment we need hook and loop wire and cable tie. The hook and loop for each accessories line 1. Chassis power lines to support go back case was to help manage the weapon, but not all cases that have this feature, so we find a solution. First of all, it is best to have a modular power supply, so you only need to install the other spare parts need the power cable, and redundant cables can be removed, reduce the number of cables from the source. In addition, the modular power supply cables are usually long, convenient wiring along the edge of the chassis. If the power supply is not modular, excess cable tie, avoid them stop air duct. Here can use sticky strap belt, rubber band is also the most simple tools from us. 2. Auxiliary power supply the need for a CPU motherboard, CPU for power under the case of buy the power cable if short, will be across the board, is an eyesore. Here can use 4 pin extension cord, two end can use sub on. At the same time, when the cable longer, you can through the chassis motherboard line for the thread hole on the side of the plate. 3. Fan for cooling, the inside of the chassis fan, fan power supply line is very much also, though they are fine, but still looks cluttered. In most fan box on the four corners of has a slot, you can put among them, the power supply line and sticky strap tie tied the cable on the long foot screws, so it can prevent cable jiggling around obstacles fan rotation, and even cause damage of fan. 4. Hard disk drives the next is the hard disk drive SATA cable and power cable. Although their IDE row line is much smaller than in the past, but if the hard disk inside the case, SATA line number will be much, still will stop the wind. There can be few SATA line together, using hook and loop or tie tied to around the chassis frame. 5. Lead wire is usually the case front many interfaces, such as the power switch, reset switch, power light audio, speakers, USB extension cords, extension cords, etc. They also need to use a rubber band tied into a bundle. Especially audio extension cord generally has two joint, but usually we only need one, you can also tied the redundant joint on the cable. After the loading and unloading of computer accessories, all must carry on the reasonable line, unused cables together, short line with extension, long line along the edge of chassis, above do not across the board, don't stop the air duct, don't use hard cable tie. Good habits to reduce the cable clutter, good at using the fastening belt wire belt, not only can let inside the chassis is beautiful, and good for heat dissipation and noise reduction.

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