Velcro function and the reason for widely application

by:BAILI     2020-09-20
The reason of Velcro function and is widely used: sticky strap ( hook and loop) Easy to use, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, strong tolerance characteristics in our life has been widely used, such as clothes, shoes, bags, tents, gear and so on items that can see, fastening belt has so many USES, it can have what effect? 1, have the effect of the adhesive, fixed, fastening belt buckle together not only strong, open and close the service life is long, so commonly used in place of buttons, zippers, fastening brought to objects in glue, fixed. 2, have the effect of the environmental protection, protection, fastening belt through special processing, flame retardant, high temperature resistant, soft texture, no stimulation, not only can achieve the basic bonding fixed, also can protect the skin, no damage to the environment. 3, have the effect of the beautiful, decoration, fastening belt color is rich, through different process modelling beautiful generous. With sticky strap made of hair, hair hoop, not only appearance is very beautiful, special and hook into a thin, easily from the hair off. Fastening belt from the early stages of invention till now, has been popular with people. Along with the development of the functional sex of the fastening belt, practical also more and more strong, medical, aerospace and other fields like sticky strap also has to be reckoned with. Believe in the power of the constant innovation of science and technology support, the fastening belt will bring to our life more convenient and affordable. - hook and loop - Sticky strap
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