Velcro has a wide application range

by:BAILI     2020-09-30
The use of Velcro is more and more widely, so we not only to see, in some of the common occupations in some special cases also see oh. Do you know, Velcro falling umbrella set direction is also using oh, tend to have two sets of Velcro stickers to the two ends of the fixed side down the wing plate and a drop in the use of an umbrella can through adjusting down direction of umbrella wing posture adjustments to falling direction. You used in the family life, are commonly used to household items, such as wire maybe cable bundle. Also can be used in remote controls. Can also according to its range to adjust the length of the Velcro. It is very convenient. hook and loop can also be used in the device, because the viscous force of Velcro is very strong, and thus can be very strong to fix it. Whether it's with Velcro to the location is convenient to the movies, deceived navigator is still on the car, is very convenient. Velcro above can also be used in children's clothes, because the Velcro can repeat posted quite a few times, and convenient and, therefore, on the children's clothing using the Velcro will make clothing becomes more brief, convenience of children, but also because of the good softness, Velcro all scratch will not appear the phenomenon of children. Always Velcro USES more and more now, than before, such as the zipper and button, Velcro agglutinant and using life, often as a result, use effect is better, and more popular.
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