Velcro has changed our way of life

by:BAILI     2020-09-30
hook and loop is easy to use, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, strong tolerance characteristics in our days in use, such as clothes, shoes, bags, tents, gear and so on items that can see, there are so many useless, it can have what effect? 1, adhesive, fixed, the effect of strong Velcro not buckle together, the use of movable stature is very long, so commonly used in place of buttons, zippers, fastening brought to objects in glue, fixed. 2, have the effect of environmental protection, protection, through special processing, flame retardant, high temperature resistant, texture soft, no effect, not only arrived at the base of fixed glue, also can protect the skin, does not constitute the pollution to the environment. 3, have beauty, decoration effect, color rich, through different process modelling beautiful generous. Made with Velcro hair band, hair hoop, not only appearance is very beautiful, special and hook into a thin, short hair down from the beginning. From the early stages of invention till now, it has always been loved by people. Followed, functional, practical also more and more strong, medical, aerospace and other fields like Velcro also has a huge effect. Trust in the technology innovation strength, backed by Velcro can bring to our life more efficiency and benefit.
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