Velcro how why remove traces bind, Velcro deformation?

by:BAILI     2020-10-26
Velcro how why remove traces bind, Velcro deformation? When we use the Velcro will often meet with some chagrin, thus let us to produce this product, small make up today to share two tips, we often encountered in the use of Velcro problem and hook and loop how why remove traces bind, Velcro deformation? Velcro what are the main relevant methods, how to remove bind trace in daily life, to use the Velcro, there will always be difficult to remove traces of, will affect the item's aesthetics, and related problems, should think of some way to processing. But at the time of processing, should master the relevant skills, only clear the specific method, to meet their own needs to the greatest extent. Use gasoline to clean. Of course, at this time to clear the matters needing attention. The main reason is that the gasoline and other plastic and paint, has a certain solution. So at the time of use, must be careful. Before use, can be wiped gently in an important place, to observe the changes. No problem, you can use. At this point, of course, don't too much of petrol use. In addition, should use alcohol QingChuFa, must follow to use soft cloth to wipe. Of course, in the process of wiping should control related efforts. Want to trace back glue Velcro strap to wipe clean, and is not a simple matter. Velcro how why remove traces bind, Velcro deformation? Cotton Velcro is made as narrow fabric from all kinds of yarn fabric or tubular fabric. So how to finalize the ribbon? It's need to use external force. Many back glue Velcro manufacturer in the production of products hot water, often used when sizing water such as ribbon shape used rubber paste products. Ribbon shape mucilage, with low cost, hardness is strong, not sticky, bright colours, had no adverse effect on dyeing and finishing, chemical fiber weaving, wire, ribbon, woven label, elastic, computer trademark weaving finishing pulp of the ideal products. ( Other textile finalize the design product can be used) The research and development of new products do not contain benzene, aldehydes, alcohols, non-toxic, harmless, no radiation and side effects to the human body. Through the professional environmental protection departments, environmentally friendly products. Why do Velcro deformation? Why wash water to deformation, wrinkle, a wave? A: because the fabric material and the ribbon material, organizational structure is not consistent, two kinds of material shrinkage is different, the difference in shrinkage. Because special workmanship, such as in the collar, sleeve ring or car, in areas such as the flower itself bending amplitude is larger. Advice: garment wash water, must use big goods do ribbon first washing shrinkage test. Back glue Velcro shrink and the fabric shrinkage will not result in inconsistent phenomenon, or with ribbon test clothing proofing, ensure that each working procedure, the wash water test also found the deformation, wrinkle, waves up to replace other style ribbon or replace the ribbon material, in order to avoid the risk of falling garment quality.
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