Velcro in the shoe industry

by:BAILI     2020-11-04

in the 21st century, in the eyes of young people, what seems to be all love fashion, such as so-and-so brand of mobile phone is very popular now, so-and-so brand of clothing is so-and-so celebrity ads,,,,, etc. , as a result, some fans in the world was this brand of mobile phones and sell this brand of clothes, sales soared. Young people chat topic is around them. Some time ago appeared a Velcro shoes, also get the favour of a lot of young people. Learned from the mouth of the young people that the Velcro shoes, very convenient, need not cumbersome to wear lace up your shoes, also not afraid in the sports shoe lace is loose and cause an accident, the application of the hook and loop we only a few seconds a stick a tear feet easily access, no longer shoes have to spend a few minutes to tie his shoes and trouble, now it is much convenient. Some young people also predicted that don't look down upon this little Velcro, could go a long way for the shoe industry in the future, there may be more than shoes are promising, according to the understanding of it can be applied to many industries, application scope is extremely broad, other sectors may be a good, didn't find the hook and loop so it's no use, found that truly hook and loop go a long way? Will the wave of economy. Now industry bosses found the Velcro, and applied to the shoes, the effect is good, the customer evaluation is good also, small Velcro in the development of the industry in the future may be very wide, what kind of shoes can be used to, and this sewing Velcro shoes it is jogging the necessary sheet is tasted, the shoes can make you look more relaxed. My heart is bound to be a lot of young people.

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