Velcro industry demand, can be a large number of procurement?

by:BAILI     2020-09-20
Industry demand back glue hook and loop, where can bulk purchase? We will see a lot of small items of daily life, although it wasn't overlooked by our users, but their role is not to be ignored, and they demand is also rising sharply. hook and loop is such a small item, it has been in our life industry plays a very important position. Its application is very wide, used, whether living or electronics industry, or medical treatment, that will use it. A lot of people do not know its main purpose lies in what ways, the most common is our dress clothing, will see it at cuff, collar, it mainly adhesion effect. For such a social market the demand of the industry, many specializing in the production of Velcro has been more and more enterprises, but not only a kind of product, production varieties varied, and purpose are not the same. Products have strong back glue, type I line, magic tie, etc. If necessary can login to query out fastening belt co. , LTD. Web site.
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