Velcro influence strengths associated with changes in the weather

by:BAILI     2020-10-27
Now everyone is optional use hook and loop, this suggests that the Velcro has in this world to find their own place, it is very clever to use use to get on in life, we think we wear shoes every day, whether children or old man, whether brand or less known and inferior brand, or electronic components products will look at it, it is always in the place where we can tentacles that let's you can see it, is always the emergence of magic in our life, but it appears we are more like it, rather than antipathy it's there, the magic with many special features and the advantages of the its utility, it is durable has been found that the advantages of its affordable price also is one of the advantages of people like, although its small body, the change in the weather all the year round also affects its use, below small make up a simple introduce for everybody hook and loop Velcro influence strengths associated with changes in the weather? Magic TieZhu if made of nylon to stop a kind of traditional data, this kind of information through the process of bionics point stop fastening and the strong influence of physics. It make such a data may be repeated to stop applications, to perhaps cycle using the influence of environmental protection. Such paste button also reasons due to their chemical fiber material, make such a kind of material has the waterproof, durable characteristic. At the same time, this kind of thread gluing materials due to their good waterproof temper, and stop the thread gluing is through the process of the house of the method and solid, with is this kind of information also needless worry stick slip, or a strong error and cause significant loss of capital, can be useful to reduce the capital. Velcro is commonly made from two materials, one is nylon, is a kind of polyester, from high-end quality to low quality, mainly from the material and process. There is made of nylon, have seed is nylon and polyester blended, one kind is full of polyester, good quality can last longer, cost will be relatively high. Spring is a rainy and wet with the weather changing, all at the same time, the nylon Velcro will be affected, as a whole would be soft, but not be affected in use. Summer to autumn in the south the weather temperature difference will not be huge, so it won't be any big changes. Winter the weather gets cold, fastening belt can start more, at this time in stripping voice crunchy, and at the same time, the original soft also will be relatively a lot of changes and under 30 degrees below zero, it began in continuous use time is limited, probably around 5 hours, again into the high temperature.
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