Velcro is related to weather changes_

by:BAILI     2021-04-16

hook and loop has gradually entered our lives. Children's shoes, high-end sports shoes and some sportswear. Nowadays, some major brands use softer Velcro materials, and now electronic products are also equipped with Velcro. With its simple, casual and convenient use method, it is becoming more and more popular.

hook and loop is usually made of two materials, one is nylon, the other is polyester, from high-end quality to low-end quality, mainly from materials and craftsmanship. Some are nylon, some are blended with nylon and polyester, and the other is polyester. Good quality can be used for a longer time, and the cost will be relatively higher.

The weather in spring is changeable, rainy and humid. At this time, all nylon Velcro will be affected. The overall look will be softer, but it will not be affected during use. The temperature difference between summer and autumn in the south is not very large, so it feels like there will be no big changes. In winter, when the weather gets cold, the hook and loop fasteners will begin to change. At this time, the sound will be crisp when peeling off, and will change greatly. At negative degrees, it will start continuous use. It was restricted, about 5 hours or so, and then recovered after entering a higher temperature. These are the performance of nylon materials. Overall, the durability of hook and loop is still very good. Now, all sports products that require higher strength are nylon hook and loop fasteners, and the strong fastening force can adapt to different temperatures.

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