Velcro is used long the non-stick is how to return a responsibility how to deal with

by:BAILI     2020-10-22
hook and loop with long the non-stick is how to return a responsibility how to deal with known whether objects or animals in this world as long as you use the time for a long time, will appear with the passage of time from small to big problems couldn't solve the problem, finally is with Velcro also is so, the magic stick use for long period of time there will be some very normal small problems, for example, don't stick to do, and how the use of Velcro Velcro fastened to the wall, such as the reader finish see this article, you will know the answer today, small make up is a little experience for everyone to share. Velcro to use for a long time will appear not sticky, Velcro fade, magic stick after washing no original magic with a sticky adhesive and so on, cause the Velcro why use for a long time do not stick? Exclude the above all is natural phenomenon, no matter what things have their own life, this time this item has no purpose and function of its instinct existence, the equivalent of waste has no difference, has more than the life span of the Velcro was, how long is the life of the Velcro? This is not a specified time, the service life of the hook and loop is used according to the environment and the use of field, the average lifetime of Velcro is two to three years this way, the scope is a oh, probably just a reference. Velcro non-stick more often than not to do because the Velcro hair side use time is too long, as a result of villi on the surface of the straight bonding strength greatly reduced ( It is possible that the clasps the type fiber damage, but the probability is far less than the probability of wool surface villus damage) 。 For processing method of this kind of situation, first look at the magic stick a face with sundry can use a toothpick or thin hook will pick out the debris, so that we can quickly improve Velcro not sticky problems. Above is Velcro small make up today to share the Velcro doesn't stick to do, the hook and loop with long the non-stick is how to return a responsibility, how should handle? Today you finish reading this essay then know the answer also know how to deal with similar problems, also increased their knowledge at the same time also increased. If want to know more of Velcro related pay attention to during the common problems of processing methods.
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