Velcro manufacturer to know the clothing supplementary material environmental requirements

by:BAILI     2020-10-23
For garment industry, along with our country adding WTO, textile export quotas is no longer the principal contradiction of textile garment industry, instead of on the environmental indicators of product quality as the 'green trade barriers' new export restrictions; On the other hand, people also has the concept of 'green environment' in the gradually deepening. Clothing is dependent on the raw materials of environmental protection of green, so accessories in addition to practical and decorative function, must want to health, safety and environmental protection. At present, some auxiliary materials enterprises in the production of zipper, hook and loop, fastening belt accessories products, such as heavy metals and free formaldehyde content has different degree of overweight, as for more details, more not to be noticed by producers. And these factors tend to use clothing brands to bring huge hidden trouble, because not accessories companies bring harm to consumers, but the garment enterprises. Introduce to the reporter had a sequined production enterprises, their production of sequins, surface through the certain technology processing, very smooth, not scratch the skin, also won't have a bad effect on the skin. Now, of course, 'green products', 'ecological textiles' concept of thorough popular feeling, will require accessories to meet the clothing at the same time, the performance of towards high-tech, functional, direction of informatization, green environmental protection, in order to meet the people to the clothing's never-ending pursuit.
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