Velcro manufacturer: Velcro in military medical applications

by:BAILI     2020-10-29
Small make up before they said the shadow of the magic stick is ubiquitous in our life, family, electrical appliances, malls, and other fields to be the shadow of the Velcro, so small make up today is introduced before the small make up without introduced two large area analysis, first it is medical use magic stick, the second is in the military applications use Velcro, this two fields specific use is what? Small make up today will give you the specific analysis of the content, on health care are first introduced, the content is as follows: in the field of medical treatment, the application of black back glue Velcro cable tie is particularly common, almost all of the blood pressure cuff on all use this product, not only convenient for the doctor to use, and because its can be repeated use, use on blood pressure, effectively prolong the service life of the sphygmomanometer. In the past, when carries on the blood pressure cuff strapping, most will use the rope to bind, and rough it posted tie used in blood pressure, simplifies the whole bundle of steps, at the time of the above work, only need to open the magic button, and then around the patient's upper arm, tied and glue, can easily, the measurement of blood pressure, is this small application, greatly expanded its use efficiency, reduce the work intensity of the above, simplify the work content. Actually application in the field of medical treatment, has extended to every aspect, the hook and loop manufacturer: Velcro in military medical applications of a large number of application of gum, letting medical equipment operation of the power cord to arrange more simple; Operating table, for patients with feet fixed a large number of applications easier, greatly improved the work efficiency of medical workers. hook and loop manufacturer: hook and loop in military medical applications of Velcro application range is very wide, either in life or in the industry are in use there are a lot of groups, of course, the most let people guess is Velcro in military applications, small make up then elaborate for everybody introduction of Velcro in military applications. 1, through the old-timers know that magic stick was in 2014 have found wide applications in military industry, in 2014 the Russian defense ministry has ordered 500 new uniforms, will be in the arctic and other test, the application of hook and loop each military area command. 2, in addition to the application on uniforms, in the power cord, wire speed management, melting zone have used Velcro to bind. Of course, everyone has a doubt army so strict selection, our hook and loop can be using in military medical? Much of the nation after the determination of textile nylon products are all can through the standard of national defense, so you don't have to worry about.
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