Velcro manufacturers enjoy trap Velcro buyer will know

by:BAILI     2020-10-28
Everyone is Velcro, know where its use in where, probably how many money, use some to buy these basic information, such as but buyer need to know the information like company tend to than we are a small amount of purchase quantity to be more careful, one not careful can work out of their jobs, Velcro buyer should not only know the basic information is more important that at the time of purchase Velcro is a unit to calculate what? Velcro today small make up to a small white hook and loop buyer to share the hook and loop is what unit to calculate. Many people at the time of purchase Velcro often asked a famished, completely don't know the supplier's mouth to m code is what mean? If you don't answer, can't seem to be in front of the supplier to pull face, even some 'dirty' vendors think you what all don't understand, you all kinds of pit. So find out before you buy Velcro metering method, can let you get twice the result with half the effort. Velcro unit is usually calculated according to the meter or yard, the yard is 0. 9144 meters, is a roll of 27. 5 = 25 meters, so when you purchase Velcro supplier tell you how much money a pair of m/a code, a pair of m/a code means include the hook and the unit price of the MAO, the double unit price. Said a lot of people is not very understanding, thought that the unit price of one meter/yard is a hook, hairy, in fact is not like this. Method for the measurement of the Velcro is learned, to teach you a little advice, is the hook and loop when the choose and buy, be sure to choose the hook hair soft, capillary and back to glue back as far as possible choose 3 m glue, as for the Velcro is qualitative, choose nylon, durability and economy. Well above is small make up today to introduce the Velcro procurement is a yard, a volume to calculate, although it is not particularly difficult to understand, but there is a need to take the time to digest and want to purchase good Velcro must be more than the average buyer pay efforts.
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