Velcro manufacturers sell what products

by:BAILI     2020-10-16
Is a professional manufacturer of strong back glue Velcro, strong back glue Velcro is from ordinary nylon hook and loop after high temperature hot melt adhesive machine, will be 7096 strong sticky rubber block after melting the glue point will glue evenly on the back hook and loop, to stick a layer of oily after cooling solidification of the debonding of paper products. Glue the viscous force can achieve 90% above, glue and material physical reaction infiltration surface, the stronger the viscous force, the longer it is viscous force lasting eed 10 years or so. The company back glue Velcro spot are common black and white, norms diversity, flush type, the article points can be cut. Strong back glue Velcro is generally nylon material viscosity cingulate brought back glue, the company the most commonly used type of glue is a common 880 b / 9448 a / 7096. This paragraph 3 glue each have each is suitable for use, a - 9448 3 m double-sided adhesive Velcro, suitable to stick to the metal surface, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy surface, etc. After 7096 glue paste on the surface, the glue can seep to the surface, strong adhesion, make glued firmly, can be attached to the plastic, metal, wood, concrete, whitewashed walls and other materials on the surface of; Ordinary 880 b glue, suitable for sticking to the paper, ceramic surface, etc. Strong back glue hook and loop can according to customer's request, processed into a variety of styles and colors, product delivery on time, good product quality, price concessions. Welcome to inquire, 15920637637.
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