Velcro market investigation and analysis in 2017

by:BAILI     2020-09-29
Since 2017, our country operation improvement, production and sales growth is relatively stable, export scale continues to expand, sale in domestic market growth is accelerated, the investment confidence, quality efficiency improved steadily. 1 ~ 5 month industry the main indicators of growth has accelerated, present the stability of positive momentum. A relatively low, production growth rate since 2017, Velcro industrial added value growth rate in the lower level of volatility. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, 1 ~ 5 months, hook and loop enterprises above designated size industrial added value increased 5. 1%, less than 1 year on year growth. 6%. Among them, the textile industry in the cotton textile and printing and dyeing and finishing, chemical fiber weaving and dyeing finishing not household textile goods manufacturing slowed considerably, slow 3 respectively. 3, 14. 2 and 7. 2%. Chemical fiber manufacturing industrial added value growth rate assumes the downward trend, and 2017 1 quarter year-on-year growth slowdown in 4, respectively. 4 and 2. 1%. In the major categories of products production, and chemical fiber yarn production has slowed, 1 ~ 5 month enterprises above designated size yarn production and chemical fiber production rose 4 respectively. 7% and 4. 9%, year-on-year growth decline 2 respectively. 9 and 2. 3%; Fabric and garment production growth has accelerated, 1 ~ 5 month enterprises above designated size of cloth and clothing production rose 4 respectively. 2% and 1. 9%, year-on-year growth respectively 0. 5 and 1. 2%. Second, the investment growth accelerated in 2017 1 ~ 5 month, Velcro is the completed project investment of 5 million yuan of above 4628. 800 million yuan, rose 9. 1%, year-on-year growth 1. 6%. From the perspective of industry chain, clothing apparel industry and chemical fiber manufacturing investment confidence is stronger, 1 ~ 5 month investment rose 10 respectively. 3% and 17. 3%, year-on-year growth accelerated 6 respectively. 6 and 19. 7%. But it accounts for 50% of the textile industry investment investment growth is only 7. 1%, year-on-year decline in June. 1%. Points regional terms, east and central regions respectively year-on-year growth 8. 6% and 11. Improve the 0 1%, year-on-year growth respectively. 2 and 8. 4%; In the western region investment rose by 3. 6%, year-on-year decline in 34. 9%. Base grows, along with the xinjiang investment growth slowed, 1 ~ 5 month investment rose 48%, a sharp fall in 141 year-on-year growth. 5%, but is still in the western region investment increment of 3. 5 times. Three, market pressure eased since 2017, been slow in stabilizing exports, export decline gradually narrowed. According to Chinese customs data express, our country textile clothing export 998 1 ~ 5 month. 2 $800 million year-on-year growth. 1%, compared with 8 denominated in renminbi. 5%. Export prices drop significantly, eliminate the price factor, our country textile clothing export quantity of 1 ~ 5 month rose 6. 5%, year-on-year growth rate of 3. 8%. International competition still exists, 1 ~ 4 month, our country textile clothing in the us market share fell by 1. 1%, 1 ~ 5 months in the Japanese market share fell by 1. 1%. Affected by the factors such as macroeconomic and market environment, China's textile and apparel goods present steady domestic demand growth in the trend of slowing down. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, 2017 1 ~ 5 month, the national limitation above clothing shoes and hats needle textile retail sales rose 7. 2%, compared with a year earlier to speed up the 0. 2%. Online retail growth is accelerated, 1 ~ 5, 2017, the national dress goods online retail sales rose 20. 6% from a year earlier to speed up. 4. 4%. Four, operation quality, and the effect improved textile enterprise benefit is improved. 1 ~ 5, 2017, the large-scale textile enterprises to realize the main business income is 29455. 700 million yuan, rose 9. 4% growth year-on-year increase. 4. 5%; Year-on-year increase in profit is 149. 5 billion yuan, 10. 6% growth year-on-year increase. 4. 8%. hook and loop economic operation quality improved steadily. Scale of 1 to 5, 2017, sales of textile enterprises more than profit margins of 5. During the same period 0 1%, higher than the previous year. 1%; Total assets turnover ratio 1. 6 times per year, compared with a year earlier to speed up 2. 5%; Finished goods turnover for the 21st. 3 times per year, compared with a year earlier to speed up the 3. 8%; 3 cost 6%, year-on-year decline in 0. 2%; Percentage of loss-incurring enterprises 14%, year-on-year narrowed 0. 3%. Running index growth gradually stabilize for hook and loop in the first half continue to lay a foundation for good operation situation, but the international and domestic market demand still face volatility risk, hook and loop structural reforms that will continue to actively implement supply side to ensure steady and healthy development of the industry.
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