Velcro material

by:BAILI     2020-11-08

when we in the production of Velcro, need material very much, so in general have what material: one, the material of polyester, and this kind of material if use fire fire is flourishing at the same time there will be a black smoke, the smell is very, very pungent, also on the quality of a material is hard and rough. Second, the nylon A. B。 C three classes, quality of a material is very soft, this kind of hook and loop often are used for close-fitting clothes. Third, blend fabric, this kind of material is mainly by the mixture of nylon and polyester, therefore characteristic is not easy to burn. Fourth, nylon won't burn, texture is soft and environmental protection at the same time. Five, don't catch hair, this can only is rough, generally speaking, is the collocation of nylon grade A hook, such Velcro are often used for close-fitting clothes. / p>

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