Velcro on sporting goods big use

by:BAILI     2020-10-21
Small Velcro on sporting goods use, as the Beijing Olympics was successfully held in our country, more and more people to participate in sports activities, a surge in China's sports consumption level, more and more people are better able to join this team, and buy professional sporting goods to take part in physical activities. Professional sports goods, such as shoes, with more and more people to watch the NBA and CBA tournament, basketball has become their favorite activities. In order to be able to better Mercedes on the basketball court, they will choose basketball stars endorsement of basketball shoes, and with characteristics of these shoes are comfortable to wear. Many shoes with Velcro, convenient people wear together, because the Velcro has excellent adhesion, won't appear the phenomenon of often off his shoes. Put on those shoes need to tie shoelaces, many times in order to prevent off his shoes, many people go to the LACES, very tight, lead to wear uncomfortable, and can prevent this problem, but it must be to choose a good adhesion Velcro. Have professional production equipment, our company is a advanced technology of hook and loop yield. Production of hook and loop was welcomed by many ball manufacturers, with excellent adhesion to meet the needs of the consumers about the sneakers, this also see little big use Velcro on sporting goods.
An increasing dependence on the use of custom hook and loop custom hook and loop tape has made numerous changes in the custom hook and loop tape industry over the past decades.
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